Contract TherapyWhy Marden Is The Superior Choice

Marden StaffWe believe that quality contract therapy is delivering the most appropriate level of individual therapy services to your patients. And, we deliver quality services every day.

Marden Advantages

The Therapy Mystery Solved – Our pricing models and approach are the most transparent in the industry. There are no hidden fees or incentives, and we do not play games to increase our margin. We work to increase your margin while building a long-term relationship.

Reimbursement – Our programs are designed to ensure that residents are receiving, at all times, medically appropriate therapy services, while generating maximum reimbursement in a compliant manner.

Pricing – With Marden your cost is fixed and understandable.

Marden StaffStaffing – Professional staffing is our concern, not yours. We build long-term staff that fully integrates into the Facility. We’ll bring the team.

Marketing Partner – As our objective is to deliver quality service, we are your true partner in "marketing for census", as the therapy program is based on census. We do not wait for you to do all of the work.

Quality – We emphasize one-on-one treatment, not concurrent therapy, and we have some of the finest professionals in the industry.

Marden StaffCompliance – As providers ourselves, our depth of knowledge is far advanced when compared to “contract only” vendors, and we bring that expertise to your Facility.

Management – With Marden, our experienced management New Window is not hidden behind bureaucratic layers or off in some remote location across the country. We are accessible and responsive – guaranteed.

Experience – For over twenty years, Marden has adapted and innovated in the delivery of contract therapy services.

Technology – Our technology platform seamlessly integrates financial, administrative, and clinical data for optimal management of rehabilitation operations from the corporate to the facility level.

Risk Management – We manage all of the therapy program risks including those associated with Quality, Credentialing and Documentation.

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