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Custodial Care is that care which is primarily for the purpose of assisting the individual in the activities of daily living or in meeting personal rather than medical needs, which is not specific therapy for an illness or injury and is not skilled care.

Custodial Care

  • Custodial care serves to assist an individual in the activities of daily living, such as assistance in walking, getting in and out of bed, bathing, dressing, feeding, using the toilet, preparation of special diets, and supervision of medication that usually can be self-administered.
  • Custodial care essentially is personal care that does not require the continuing attention or supervision of trained, medical or paramedical personnel.
  • It's also maintenance care provided by family members, health aides or other unlicensed individuals after an acute medical event when an individual has reached the maximum level of physical or mental function and is not likely to make further significant improvement.
  • Most public long-term care (LTC) programs such as Medicaid cover custodial care as long as it is provided within a nursing facility. Custodial care at home is typically covered only under LTC insurance - not by Medicaid - even though home care is cheaper than a nursing facility. Medicare, on the other hand, covers only medically necessary, skilled care and will cover at-home custodial care only if it is provided in conjunction with skilled care.

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